Plan Confidently.
Schedule Dynamically.
Produce Effectively.
Analyze Thoroughly.
Connect Globally.
In one visual and collaborative space.

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What Does StellarPack Do

MRP – WMS – Production Management

StellarPack is a world class supply chain solution with a focus on production performance. We help drive efficiency in co-packing, manufacturing, and display building activities. We function as a standalone MRP and WMS but can also connect seamlessly with existing WMS and ERP systems to bring best practices to the areas often overlooked.

  • Plan production with visibility to predictive indicators
  • Schedule optimally for production in a dynamic environment
  • Produce on time and efficiently
  • Store inventory and manage orders
  • Analyze reports and invoices
  • Connect full EDI integration to ERP/WMS
  • Data history to assist in making the best operational decisions

Software Features

Production Planning

Production Planning strengthened through visibility to detailed orders, customer behavior, historical data, and current capacity.

Production Performance

Production Performance optimized through real-time scheduling and Goal setting algorithms in a dynamic environment.

Historical Reporting

Historical Reporting simplified to allow for predictive analysis, customized reporting, faster communication and ability to identify changes in business profile.

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Tie StellarPack’s Planning, Performance, and Reporting capabilities together to generate a high-functioning production environment and gain better control of schedule, labor, production, inventory, orders and data. Your team will be able to repeatedly plan production and adapt to changing business profile with agility and data to support decisions.

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    StellarPack Tools


    Learn from the past, or let Stellarpack do it for you


    Productivity reporting and realtime feedback


    Customize reporting to help understand your business better

    Real Time

    Know where your operation is at right now


    Adjust course easily and recover from misteps quickly


    Apply realistic goals

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      Software Details

      • Create or Import orders from SAP/ERP
      • Automatic order entry and changes through EDI connections
      • See demand window with task list
      • Prioritize time sensitive orders
      • Create a production schedule in a dynamic environment
      • Order history algorithm allows for automated customer behavior analysis
      • Task list so you don’t miss a step
      • Highlights SAP/ERP changes
      • Level the schedule to avoid spikes in labor
      • Ability to schedule potential orders for labor/capacity planning
      Schedule / Produce
      • Highlight hot orders
      • Adapt to changing business profile with agility
      • Dynamic line scheduler
      • Line capacity indicators
      • Schedule changeovers
      • Apply realistic goals
      • Visual management in real-time
      • Identify finished goods at the line
      • JIT delivery trigger for components
      • Print coversheet right from system
      • Adjusted goals look at historical production
      Analyze / Connect
      • Dashboards
      • Productivity reporting and real-time feedback
      • Adjust course easily and recover from missteps quickly
      • Introduces Difficulty rating to measure mix change
      • Data to support decisions
      • Productivity reports
      • Capacity reports
      • Invoicing reports
      • Customize reporting
      • Cloud Hosted
      • Web-app connection from anywhere
      • Alerts, EDI, Excel Imports

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