Using Organic Productivity to Improve Copacker Labor Optimization

StellarPack is an MRP solution that helps contract packagers achieve savings with the data and tools at hand. We call this savings, “Organic Productivity”. Achieving productivity gains with existing resources can result in an immediate reaction to the bottom line without capital layout.

Productivity can be found throughout the operation. The newest machines, the latest automations, robotic case packers, or laser guided material handling equipment.  All of these have one thing in common, it takes upfront capital investment. Productivity savings from investments like this have a high barrier to entry as well as increasing lead times due to the current state of the supply chain.

The StellarPack production performance solution helps copackers focus on the key data points to support decision making. Copackers have an edge when they implement real time goal tracking to obtain a clear understanding of current production status. Effective production teams are connected to these goals through visual displays. Organic productivity is created when addressing production issues in real time with an engaged team.

The production increase by maximizing throughputs of the current workforce can be a significant contribution to timely completion of the production schedule and achieving goals. Doing more with the same amount of packager effort is key to labor optimization.

As production progresses, the StellarPack production schedule dynamically adjusts to current production velocity. Clear signals are distributed to the entire team that help with schedule modifications and communication. Management also uses these signals for training and accountability. Packager feedback in the moment can lead to timely adjustment that can be the difference between a green day and a red day.

The benefits of a robust MRP production management solution include increased throughputs, reduced rework, more accurate labor forecasts, and a more controlled “hot build” schedule. The end result of these benefits is Organic productivity and found labor.